The strongest performing campaign in Revlon Australia's history


Revlon recently launched their global platform, 'Live Boldly', our task was to make Live Boldly relevant and meaningful for the Australian  audience.


Platform: Revlon | Bold Matters - Inspiring stories of Bold Women

We established the Revlon Bold Matters creative platform, shedding light on matters that matter and the incredible stories of bold women at the heart of those matters. Through the Bold Matters platform Revlon is now able to share stories of bold women and bring a clear purpose to the Revlon brand.

Launch campaign: Bold Women of Rural Australia

We partnered with photographer Edwina Robertson to share the stories of incredible women facing one of Australia's worst droughts on record. Through a 3 part mini-documentary series, we share the stories of Jackie Tickell, Katie Turner, and Edwina, who show their strength in the most trying of times. Revlon playing their part in supporting rural Australia by donating $2 from every Super Lustrous Lipstick sold.

These amazing women became the face of the campaign which extended from digital & social into OOH, in-store, PR and influencer channels. 


Strongest campaign performance in Revlon Australia's history.

Donation $152,754 to Drought Angels. (KPI $100,000)
Sales up-lift 30% in top 2 customers 

Record brand health: 
Enjoyment 67% (vs 49% Sep) ‘Like these ads’
Attribution 84% (vs 34% Sep) ‘Different to other makeup brands’
Impact 61% (vs 46% Sep) ‘Feel better about Revlon’

#1 brand consideration F 25-39 (Revlon)
Record awareness (46%) and conversion (18%) of SuperLustrous lipstick

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