Whopper For Prime Minister.

When there’s no news to tell, make some up.


Amidst the growth of designer burger chains and food trucks we needed to find a standout creative solution to put Whopper, a firm favourite with burger aficionados, back in the spotlight.


Whopper for Prime Minster

With the 2016 Federal Election just weeks away from being called, Channel T prepared a cut-through campaign to run concurrently with the glut of election advertising. Taking the guise of an authentic political campaign, Whopper for PM provided much-needed light relief during the seemingly endless 6 weeks leading up to Election Day.

The 30 second launch TV commercial was backed up with vigorous social, digital and in-store activity throughout the election campaign. Our specially created ‘social media response team’ ensured that the campaign remained topical throughout and took Facebook moderation to a new level.

The campaign culminated with an election-day special offer that produced far more decisive results than the election itself, as consumers voted with their mouths.

Whopper won in a landslide
  • 87% increase in Whopper sales on Election Day, compared to previous Saturday
  • 71,445 vouchers downloaded
  • 12,479,743 Organic Facebook impressions
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