A Flaming Good Job.

Turning Hungry Jack’s footfall around during the popular McDonald’s Monopoly campaign.


In the highly competitive, quick service restaurant marketplace, McDonald’s had regularly relied on its famous Monopoly promotion to keep the customers rolling in. Hungry Jack’s needed an idea to combat this threat and continue to drive footfall during this highly competitive period.


Flame Their McOpoly

We fired things up with 'Flame their McOpoly' which allowed Aussies to redeem their McDonald’s tokens for a ‘better burger’ at Hungry Jack’s instead.

We launched the campaign through social media. Knowing that the campaign would immediately get tongues wagging, we used social media to enable so fans could drive and amplify the campaign on Hungry Jack’s behalf. Media outlets then picked up the story and ran with it from there.

We also had in-store posters and counter cards ready to go, dispatching them to all 380 Hungry Jack’s restaurants within 48 hours of the Monopoly promotion being launched by the competitor.

Hungry Jack’s did PASS GO:
  • Double digit footfall increase
  • 313,000 Facebook post engagements
  • 216,000+ microsite visits
  • Mass PR amplification
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