Chicken Fries…
Going… Going… Gone!

Cooking up a campaign that would see Hungry Jack’s Chicken Fries sell out in just 14 days.


Hungry Jack’s were launching their new Chicken Fries product and so needed to convince digitally-savvy millennials how incredibly tasty these crumbed morsels of tender chicken were. In doing so there was also a requirement to drive trial of the product and get people talking and sharing it with their friends.


So good they speak for themselves

We turned the Chicken Fries packaging into witty characters that were brought to life in a series of highly entertaining and sharable videos that ran through TV, digital and social. We then took the characters beyond video to engage at every touchpont across the campaign.

With every purchase of Chicken Fries people were given sticker sheets that enabled them to design their own Chicken Fries characters by dressing up their boxes. Fans shared their characters online using #HJChickenFries to win daily prizes, and so generated some amusing and amazing content.

On Instagram we created cinemagraphs to bring to life taste and flavour appeal beyond what static images alone could achieve.

The Hungry Jack’s website acted as a content hub for the campaign where people could digest more engaging content, download Chicken Fries emojis and see all the amazing Chicken Fries characters people were creating.

The results were so good they speak for themselves:
  • Chicken Fries sold out in just 14 days! (expected to run for 6 weeks)
  • Double digit sales growth across Hungry Jack's nationally
  • Highest ever video views for Hungry Jack’s on Facebook
  • Highest ever video completion rates for Hungry Jack’s on YouTube video 
  • 11,400 new Facebook fans added over campaign period
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