Weight Watchers Frozen Meals

Out-of-touch to Relevant in 15 seconds.


Weight Watchers meals needed revitalising. Exciting new recipes and revamped packaging gave the brand a new appeal. Our job was to let people know that this rather staid brand had exciting news.



The new meals, the new packaging, the convenience and the exciting lifestyle that Weight Watchers consumers could enjoy, were all summed up in one word – WOW.

We created 3 videos: ‘Launch’, ‘Gourmet’ and ‘Lifestyle’. Each video featured glorious, innovative food cinematography and graphic ‘W’s to form the word WOW. Together with a lively music track, the 3 x 15 second spots were compelling, entertaining and informative. The simplicity of the message ensured cut-through online and on pay TV. The video was supported with Social, In-Store and Magazine executions.

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