A Picture Perfect Partnership.

Vegemite leads the way in social, by being one of the first brands to advertise on Instagram.


Vegemite, Australia’s most loved spread, was handpicked by Instagram to be one of the first Australian brands chosen to advertise on the platform.

The challenge was to inform Australians about Vegemite’s B vitamins and their positive effect on vitality, without disrupting the Instagram user experience, which up until then had been ad-free.


Everyday Aussie moments.

Our idea was to take every day moments, transform them through emotive imagery, and show the exciting new possibilities the energy and vitality of Vegemite can bring. 

We connected the brand through a naturally occurring ‘Vegemite yellow’ element in each shot.

The collection featured a range of people, from all ages to represent Vegemite's vitality is for everyone. With each photo capturing a moment that Australians could immediately connect with.

And so without a product shot or a logo in sight, we fitted seamlessly into the Instagram environment.

The results were picture perfect…
  • The campaign reached over 1 million Australians
  • Over 3.4 million impressions
  • Vegemite’s fan base increased by over 500% increase
  • And the campaign generated a significant 48 point lift in ad recall


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