Establishing Sanofi as the Digital Leader in Vaccines.

Channel T has taken Sanofi’s digital presence from back of the pack to the market leader in 12 months.


Sanofi is the world’s leader in producing vaccines, however this leadership was not reflected in their digital presence.

With a fragmented array of over 12 different websites all built on different platforms, little brand or design consistency and a disconnected user experience our challenge was to develop and execute a strategy that would simplify and connect the experience for Sanofi’s three core groups: consumers, HCPs and Sanofi themselves. And in so doing take Sanofi’s leadership of the vaccine’s category into digital.


One Face to the Community

Channel T conducted a comprehensive needs analysis leading to a digital strategy of “One Face to the Community”. A synergistic, consistent brand experience, user experience, all unified within a single technology platform. All of which embodied responsive design for user-friendly experience across all devices.

VaccineHub - Single destination for consumers -
SEO optimisation
Consolidated consumer facing sites into one site in order to be the destination for vaccine information
Development of a Travel Map Tool that allowed consumers to enter their travel itinerary and receive a report on risks and vaccinations needed
Hero disease pages for key periods
Outbreak map that was connected to social media to warn of latest disease outbreaks
Instore installations of travel planner at pharmacies
Integration across Vaxiplace and VaccineShop websites for HCPs

Vaxiplace – Knowledge portal for HCPs
Integrated Travel Map and Immunisation Planner from VaccineHub to streamline patient consultations
Merged the Australian Vaccine Handbook into the platform to make it easier and faster for HCPs to find information
Integrated user data from VaccineHub to allow HCPs to understand what patients are looking for
Created a eCRM platform to keep HGPs up-to-date with the latest information

VaccineShop – One stop shop for HCPs
Overhauled user-experience to simplify path to purchase
Smart-buying enabled HCPs to make the same orders faster
Streamlined login and registration process
Integration across Vaxiplace and VaccineHub websites


We have positioned Sanofi as the digital leader in the category. Head office of Sanofi in France recognised the project as best-in-class and has chosen to roll out the 'One Face to the Community’ strategy across Japan, USA and Europe.


  • No.1 site visits - 3x nearest competitor
  • 30% increased time on site
  • 1% bounce rate (reduced by over 25%)


  • Additional 8,000 Health Care professionals registered at Vaxiplace first 12 mths (2,000 over KPI)


  • Soon to go live.


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