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Dannii Minogue raises skin cancer awareness and Invisible Zinc’s brand equity.


Getting your spots checked early is the key to skin cancer prevention, and skin care brand Invisible Zinc wanted to spread that message to strengthen its association with good skin health – while raising funds for Melanoma Institute Australia.

Our challenge was to convey a serious health awareness message in an engaging way, while maintaining the worldly and sophisticated feel of the Invisible Zinc brand.



We engaged Dannii Minogue who we body painted as a leopard. We captured the process and the look on video, and presented it to look like it was a new music video. This allowed us to quickly engage the audience, before revealing in full who our leopard was. This worked to diffuse our brand message in a memorable and meaningful way.

The video was launched on Facebook and YouTube with the incentive to the viewer that for every share of the video, Invisible Zinc would donate $1 to the cause.

Dannii’s celebrity status generated mass press coverage both here and abroad that got the campaign roaring. Channel T also leveraged Dannii’s strong social presence to further engage our audience and amplify campaign content.

Standing out in the jungle of marketing initiatives:
  • The campaign reached a total of 18.1 million people
  • Generated PR to the value of $2.7 million
  • Over 26,000+ shares on Facebook and YouTube raised a significant sum for Melanoma Institute Australia


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